About Me 🙋

Hello, my name Chris Jones, and and I am 35 year old computer key masher. I have written an iOS app, KegCop, and am currently maintaining all aspects of this site, ie. CMS dev, hosting, and dev ops. I have chosen a variety of open source software to maintain the site, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

While working on this site, I also work with a mirage open source software primairly maintained throughout GitHub. You can see what I've been up to here. Don't be a stranger, and I promise I won't bite.

I also maintain another site, theairportwiki.com which contains information concerning Apple home routers and NAS's, ie Apple Time Capsules and what not.

Frequently check in, to see updates, as the site is a constant work in progress. Thanks for reading.

cheers 🍻